Welcome to Ciência Aberta

We’re a community of peers spread throughout research institutions all over Brazil, who share experiences of open research practices, train each other in them, and discuss how to build or demand infrastructure and advocate for appropriate policies.

We recognize tendencies of open practices impacting many aspects of research:

  • Publications – open access, innovative formats, living publications
  • Data – open standards and repositories
  • Instruments – shared designs, hardware, software and facilities
  • Materials – shared banks of specimens, tissues, samples, molecules, objects
  • Processes – open notebooks, wikiresearch, massive collaboration
  • Citizen Science – from resource contribution to researcher citizens
  • Learning – open education, open educational resources
  • Innovation – pro-abundance incentives, open business models
  • Evaluation – open peer review, alternative metrics, data on science
  • Funding – mandates, crowdfunding, open planning

More broadly, we aim for human knowledge to be incremented and shared in ways more effective, equitable, ethical, participatory and transparent. Treating knowledge as a common good is a first step. As we advance towards that, we can start building new roads so that every individual and community may freely develop not only their knowledges, but contribute to those of all.

We’re organized on this website, but also on a wiki, mailing list and chat room. You are welcome to reach us through any of these channels, or write to the blog editors at <blog@cienciaaberta.net>.

Among our activities are workshops, lectures and courses on open research practices, also connecting Brazilian researchers to global initiatives GOSH, The Carpentries, SPARC, OCSDNet, Mozilla Science etc.


Members of the group regularly host meetings to promote and debate open research culture and practices. Some of the major ones were:


2017 Local and thematic events

2016 Local and thematic events

2015 International Seminar Open Science: New issues in scientific practice and communication

2014 International Seminar Open Science, Open Issues

2013 Meeting of Academics for Free Knowledge


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